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Change is never easy and progress is a matter of experimentation. As brand & organisation consultancy we are very aware of that. Hence our motto: we’re in this together!



We analyse your strategic intent, organisation, competition and societal trends



We define or redefine – together with you – the best brand concept / strategy



We link the defined concept / strategy to the current organisation and operation



We assist you with the deployment and realisation of your brand concept / strategy

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Brand and purpose orientation is the key in what we do. This is an approach in which your brand or purpose serve as a source for strategic and operational development of your organisation. Your brand / purpose acts as a hub which the strategic, tactical and operational processes of your organisation gravitate around. Hence it is an approach where the organisation objectives are explicitly linked to the brand purpose and strategy. We are very experienced in helping brands and organisations that need to transform due to market dynamics. Also in the cultural sector.
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Patrick van Thiel

Founder & Consultant


Nicolaas Berentzen

Silent Partner


Tom van Thee

Junior Consultant


Jeroen de Gee

Junior Consultant

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On an irregular basis we share our opinions, considerations and thoughts in blogs, columns, articles and books

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Do you feel that your brand and business are not living up to their full potential? Is your reputation lacking behind? Or is your market in transition and your business without focus?

Brand Positioning

Relevant | Distinctive | Feasible

Brand Personality

Archetyped | Attitude | Style

Brand Purpose

Sustainable | Ambitious | Flexible

Brand Identity

Behaviour | Communication | Design

Brand Structure

Brand domain | Field of business

Brand Naming

Descriptive | Associative | Abstract

Brand Strategy

Intended | Deliberate | Emergent

Brand Roadmap

Get ready | Get set | Go

Brand Organisation

Exploitation | Exploration

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